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Fully-funded (4 year) PhD position on Charge and heat transport effects in magnetic Weyl semimetals open! Click here for more information.

Fully-funded (4 year) PhD position on Ultra-fast thermometry on molecular heat engines at cryogenic temperatures open! Click here for more information.



We are permanently looking for post-docs working in experimental nanoscale physics. Possible topics could be (twisted) 2D materials, thermal transport, molecular electronics, magnetotransport, 2D magnets, ...

Please send your CV and a brief research project that you propose to do in our lab via email to pascal.gehring(at)

Self-funded projects


The F.N.R.S. offers two grants which provide PhD funding for 4 years: 'FRIA' and 'ASP' The FRIA call typically opens in July. See the mini-guide for the 2020 call. The deadline for the ASP call is typically in January (see here).

Please don't hesitate to contact pascal.gehring(at) to discuss details and to work on a competitive application together.

More info about a PhD at UCLouvain can be found here:


The F.N.R.S. offers several funding strategies for Post-Docs (see mini-guide). The 'CR' fellowship provides funding for up to 3 years (more infos here). Deadline is typically in January.

The EU offers 'Marie-Curie' fellowships, which provide full funding for two years. Deadlines are typically in September.